Aoe2 hotkey improvements suggestion, based on aoe3

I am both aoe2 and aoe3 de player. I feel that aoe3 hotkeys are way more advanced than aoe2. It is understandable because it is a newer game. I wish some aoe3 hotkeys are implemented in aoe2 that will make the game more accessible.

  1. Select all of selected type. This is one of the most commonly used hotkeys in aoe3, and is not present in aoe2. What it does is if you select an archer, then press this, it will select all archers. If you select a light cav it will select all light cavs, if you select a wall section it will select all walls. It applies for all units, buildings and ships. It will make the game more convenient. It is used when you have a lot of the same units scattered around the map after fight, and tou want to group them together for the next fight. Right now it is difficult to select all the units free standing in your base and the front and around the corner, because double clicking only select visible ones. For example if you want to select all the mangudais on the map, double clicking doesn’t work because it only select all in visible area.

  2. Select all infantry / select all cavalry /select all siege hotkey. Obviously it is easy to understand what it does, it is gonna be helpful at selecting units

  3. Select all barrack unit, select all stable units hotkey, it is similar to the previous one.

  4. Select all herdables, select all healing units hotkeys. Also a select idle monk hotkey would be very useful too.

Also a side note the unit selection cap should be increased to allow us to control more units at once, currently it is 60. Aoe3 de on release had a selection cap of 50 or 60, i can’t remember, but later was expanded to 95, it is much easier to control units now with 95 unit selection


it’ll be nice to have though i’d prefer them fixing the current mod + hotkey issue first. that thing been going on for 6+ months now and counting.

This would be life changing for me. My left pinky is going to fall off from all the shirt group appending I do with every new unit.