Aoe2 missing so many important functions

  1. Ingame chat
  2. Skin Manager
  3. Better UI
  4. Global Channel /Clan channel
  5. Ingame friend list
  6. Party
  7. Game states
  8. Better Player Profiles ( Match History , Rank , just same as Starcraft 2)

Or AOE2DE already prepare a remake ?


1 - There’s already one, just not outside each match, for that you can just use discord
2 - Not sure what you mean
3 - Super vague, what do you mean?
4 - That’s a chat thing right? again, it would be nice, but you can just use discord instead
5 - I’m pretty sure this is already in the game
6 - I think this is in the game too (clans)
7 - No idea what that is
8 - Agreed, but I think there’s a website you can check this stuff on tho

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Most statements are vague. You have to say more about how to improve these areas, but I agree that most areas you mentioned are in need of an improvement.

Fully agree with op. I mean I can even casually chat with my clan member ingame. Or the button is really well hidden. Game is very bare bones but honestly it’s fine. An ingane lobby browser general chat would be nice like in age of mythology so people can spam there to advertise there lobbies.

Skin manager is desperately needed so we can mod bohemians architecture or give teutons the new mounted crusader skin. These things need to be made unharcodes into the dataset ASAP. Would also allow regional ujit skin mods to be used in mutliolayee, if Microsoft doesn’t want to spent the money to develop it, they could at least gives us the tools to do it ourselves!

I think the bigger issue is the “invite friends” interface.
Sometimes takes quite a while to load.
Played recently tab doesn’t always display your friends you have been playing with recently.
You need to write the full name of your friends in order to find them, cause if you type it partially you won’t find them.

The fact that everytime a game drops you have to invite your friends again is quite annoying too. I.e. In CS GO the party remains in case the game doesn’t start cause of a MM issue.