Aoe2 'Party Mode' Queue

Just a simple idea of having a 3rd queue that is kinda like ‘party mode’ age2 style.

It essentially would be using the RM matchmaking elo to make parties but not count as actual games. The games would be from either a pool or rotation of things like:


Turbo mode (for those unaware, turbo mode makes vils into godlike beings who gather super fast.


FFA/open Diplo (probably will not happen since teaming would be too much of a problem)

256x tech

Full Tech Tree

Sudden Death

Battle Royale (Been a long time since I’ve even remembered this was a thing)



Tech tree randomization (Having each civ’s tree being randomized with all civs so something like franks bonuses but you get vikings tree 11, or franks bonuses with lithuanians tree…. scary. Just all randomized each time so nothing is guaranteed i’d force random civ for this.)

Could have locked random civ for the more wacky gamemodes.

Also the whole gamemodes could be weekly rotation, or random (potentially visible while selecting civs).

Other ideas? Could even have the different gamemodes attached to maps so there is more control over what variety you can play and with the rotation of maps it would help keep things from getting stale with having less to implement to get it a part of the game.

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Not a fan. AoE2 hardly has the world’s largest gaming playerbase, something like this either dies out within a week, like Battle Royale (I might be exaggerating that a bit, ### BR is so dead), or it divides the playerbase up even more.

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Leave this sort of thing to lobbies. If people want to play non-standard games without fear of losing rank there they can.

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