AOE2 ROR Crossover Mod

Since nobody is playing Return of Rome in multiplayer, I made this mod for me to host in an AOE 2 lobby. It’s a lot different compared to AOE1, but still gives an AOE1 feel.

Hosting note: This mod can be used in pretty much any scenario. Just make sure it starts in feudal age, and everyone be Persians. You can even do that in non scenario maps by simply having the game start in the feudal age.

This crossover mod brings AOE1 units and buildings into AOE 2. This is a AOE 2 file, not a ROR file. Farmers slowly generate gold, and villagers work faster. Foragers generate wood. Trees, gold mines, stone mines, fish, berry bushes last forever. Farms have much more food.

Infantry: Axeman: fast and cheap light infantry unit, bonus damage vs archers, can dodge 1 projectile. Hoplite: slow moving, super heavy infantry unit with plus 1 range, anti cavalry. Broad Swordsman: slow super heavy infantry unit, counter to Hoplite. Slinger: does bonus damage vs archers and infantry, fast moving and cheap, short ranged and slower to make than archers. Champion: light infantry unit with very high attack and fast movement, very slow train time, can dodge 3 projectiles.

Archers: Bowmen: cheap and spamable archer. Chariot archer tanky and fast moving cavalry archer. Elephant Archer super tanky archer unit, weak vs spears. Composite Bowman, powerful archer with long range.

Stable. Chariot fast and strong melee cavalry. War Elephant, super tanky melee unit, weak vs spears. Cataphract fast and strong cavalry unit, very high pierce armor. Camel Rider, cheap anti cavalry unit, weak vs anything else, particularly archers. Camel Rider receive crippling bonus damage from archers.

Castle. Legionary: super heavy infantry, very slow train time and costly. Moves faster than Hoplite and Broad Swordsman. Does plus 10 bonus damage vs infantry. Elite Cataphract, even stronger Cataphract which only receives half bonus damage from Hoplites and does bonus damage vs cavalry, much slower to train than Cataphract.

Siege Workshop: Ballista, long ranged ballista unit, does bonus damage vs ships and elephants. Stonethrower, long ranged anti building siege weapon, can break trees.

Temple. Priest, healer and converter, anti elephant unit.

Ships. Scout Ship, weak trash warship. Trireme, powerful war ship. Catapult Trireme, long ranged anti building siege ship. Juggernaut, superpowerful fast firing multishot stonethrower warship, very expensive and very slow to train.

Do all the scenario editor content from ROR cross over as well?

That will require replacing certain aoe2 to assets with ror assets. This is mostly a unit and building focussed mod.