AoE2DE features to AoE3DE and more [Idea brainstorm]

:arrow_forward:"Suggestions and ideas for AoE3-DE"

Features from other games that could be in for some quality-of-life changes that attract more players.
Features and changes suggested by others through the updates.
Straight up what the above says, here is a list, brace yourselves because it’s a LONG one:

1) Stuff from AoE2-DE:

  • More events, AoE2-DE has had around 16 events since release (November 2019) while AoE3-DE has had about 3 to 4 since release (October 2020), cool events are the AoE-Saga mixes, like hand cannoneers turning into musketeers and adding musketeers as a profile icon.
  • UI customization for each civ, in AoE2-DE, every civ changes the UI with little details like ornaments on the UI (Like around the map, the resource panel…).
  • Replay statistics, in AoE2-DE you see the overall statistics of each player at the same time (military, economic and technology score), as well as a global queue of each player next to their names. Added to this could also be super relevant stuff like settler population, military population and total resources gathering per minute (For each player to be seen at the same time).
  • Replay files info, when you are choosing a recording, you can see what was the match about (Brits vs Saracens, map, duration, game-mode). Added to this could be showing which civ won the game.
  • Capture age, looks cool on AoE2-DE, sad not to see it in AoE3-DE but showing the few stuff above could be nice enough as for replays.
  • Empire wars, awesome addition when it came out, It would traduce easily to AoE3-DE and be real fun for those who already know how to ace the Age I (Would be best suited for Death match games). The battle royal can also be fun for AoE3-DE.
  • → That page is awesome, that way we don’t have to keep making forum polls about statistics without an actual representative voting amount, instead we get it from all games around the world (Like most used civ, civ with highest win rate…).
  • Being able to see all the maps instead of just a list, this is in AoE3-DE, but it shows 1 map at the time, so if you want to search a specific one, you have to clickity click again (Also be able to see the map pools and the map layout when charging a game).
  • BRING SOME OF THE UNITS FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE 15 HUNDREDS (, it would be weird using trebuchets at age 4, because duh, but for special missions it can be added. Like, imagine if Morgan had used a few trebs to siege the mountain of youth, real cool, it would be like playing AoE2 and AoE3 at the same time.
  • Fish farms, it sucks when a map has no whales and you end up with 15 fishing botes that are always idle and take pop space, if you delete all the 15, you might end up giving your opponent a free shipment, if whales are not present in every water map, then fish farms would solve this (Water map treasures also would be better if all maps had them, water is feeling to me kind of left out apart from booming silently).
  • A bit more love, AoE3 has always been seen as the black sheep, if you see the news in the Age of empires page for AoE2-DE and AoE3-DE, there are a million for AoE2-DE, not quite the same for poor little AoE3-DE (They share monthly statistics, votation events and whatnot).

2) Stuff previously suggested for AoE3-DE:

  • Balance changes overall (Civ buff/nerf) énfasis on more love for revolutions (Cost effective commitment). Also make something about the VERY not as much used units (Healers, grenadiers, spies…).
  • As for the above, it really seems like most cards don’t really have the same value as others at all (Most shipments keep on the same amount of resources, Age I is 300, Age II is 700, Age III is 1000, Age IV is 1600, this is true for crate shipments and unit shipments, some give more value, others don’t, but some are straight up not worth a shipment).
  • More DLCs, africa is coming up, so let’s see how that goes first :smiley:
  • Fixing bugs and improving pathing/commands, already on it since day 1, no comments.
  • Extra taunts and AI taunt commands.
  • Adding spy teck to revolutions.
  • Being able to re-select a card deck if you miss clicked (With restriction of course, like a timer and before 1st shipment).
  • Showing on the friends list the ones online, playing or offline (Also, save the chats maybe?).
  • Showing the idle time of villagers as accumulative time instead of # of villagers, we want to see how much time do we lose on miss-micro instead of “how many settlers were idle at a certain time”.
  • Also for post game scores, it could show the ammount of resources that a player had at a certain time, I’m sure many of us had left a LOT of settlers on wood and left to fight, only to come back and see you ran out of food and coin while having like 3000+ wood in the pile, would be fun to see it on a graph hahah.
  • In any formations, the heavy infantry are in the front of light infantry instead of a huge mix, they are supposed to be in the front because they are the counter to cavalry, no? (I’m speaking of musketeer units, melee heavy infantry don’t do this).
  • Art of war for each and every civ to start the games (Kind of like the Aussie Drongo recent videos, but a far more interactive tutorial, the french one is awesome, still can’t get the gold medal though hahah).
  • Update the few unit tags that should make counters more understandable (Like dragoon multiplier vs shock infantry or eagle runner knights being both shock infantry and ranged cavalry (When it comes to counters)) also for native explorers to know what their areas do and how much it is in %.
  • Make wall pillars come with the wall itself.
  • Find a way to stop toxic walling, I’ve seen and fought vs guys making 9+ rows of walls.
  • Make an optional pool of civs when choosing the random civ in a game.
  • Get a mod for civ edditing for non-ranked games (Like the Spirit of the law mod he showed, where you can exchange bonuses of each civ and play around with the tech trees).
  • Show the time for researches, training and others (How long does it take to age up normally or with the exiled prince? How long does a factory take to spawn a H.Cannon? How quickly can you train units at frigate ships? How long does a shipment take to arrive? That last one changes for each civ/card! Who knows…).
  • Show ALL UI hotkeys in legacy/default. You can turn on a way to see the letter of the hotkeys for the main panel (Q=Settler training), but you can´t see the letter of the hotkeys for the panel below (J=Un-Garrison Units).
    Some civs are dependent of natural resources for late games (Don’t remember the civ, but at some point, you run out of wood, and the only ways to get more without shipments or market trade is with either a factory of some kind, or the native community plaza which for some civs it can generate wood, but not for all, at some point, you will run out without an alternative).
  • Tell us… what’s the deal with the “Battleship” mercenary ship? Will there be other types of ships added later in the game? (Fire ships are only for the Chinese at the moment, there are no counters in ship battles, only strength in numbers)

3) Stuff from legacy/Wars of liberty AoE3:

  • Get the compendium design concepts back! I loved to practice drawing them as a kid. :sob:
  • Make the cards have an arrange again instead of all separated by age/building (Used to look like a tree), even if it’s a simpler one (Crates on one side, upgrades in the middle, units in the other side), it’s just easier to find them when deck-crafting.
  • Experiment every once in a while, wars of liberty probably has a lot more content than you can cover in a single game (Between the million of upgrades, buildings and abilities) but AoE3-DE can still fit a lot more, how about 1 extra unit to every civ, like maybe an age 5 special unit that is never the same for any civ (Sort of like the royal guard, but super dope).
  • I saw some pretty cool air units, not sure how much sense it makes for parrots to be able to report scouting but seeing more of the hot air balloons like if you made them trainable, could really make for some cool tactics (They would probably have to be vulnerable to building/culverin fire however, that would make new players realize the value of 1 or 2 defensive buildings as well as map control).

4) Stuff from other games:

  • I was going to talk about how cool the Age of mythology divine powers were but they already sort of implemented it here with the USA update (The charged passive abilities, the explorer and Carolean manual abilities, the wonder powers…) more could be fun and diverse.
  • Town centers did have a lot more upgrades to increase their defenses as the game progresses in mythology, here you only get it from cards and mainly the Town militia card (Gives extra militiamen and 50% more TC damage).
  • Someone else once said if you could see the in-game time as well as the device real time (Could be useful if you are in the heat of a battle and don’t have time to look at your phone if you have to be somewhere else).

5) OG Stuff suggested by me:

  • Letting you make gates at your allies gates.
  • Showing fps, wifi speed and timer in the UI.
  • Showing the units type icon when you want to see what type they are (Hovering over their image), would be easier with the icons to check what counters what without reading.
  • More representative civs (Unit skins, voice actors and revolution home city and cards), take for example Russia, their muskets are cheaper but weaker, it isn’t explicit anywhere, so this could be an opportunity for a re-skin making a Russian musket with different clothes and name. Settlers already change according to civs, a Russian settler doesn’t look the same as a British settler, yet more units could have this nice details.
    As for revolution, one could make an entire post about this (I did :v). Let’s take for example Chile :chile:, all we get represented with is 2 cards, Mapuche natives and the Salitrera, while only 2 units change, the revolutionary and the Hussar de la muerte, no extra re-skins, got real sad when the units kept talking as Spaniards too, would’ve liked to hear a “Que querí?” like in Wars of liberty, but they kept the same voice acting anyway, the home cities also stay the same for ALL revolutions, don’t take this the wrong way, it’s a WHOLE LOT more representative than in the legacy games, but it can still be cooler.
  • A campaign would be too much work to create, I imagine that’s why no other campaigns were added upon release, but the Challenges are super fun (Talking about more like the Ottoman vs 4 civs in a defined amount of time).
  • Add an in-game scenario editor tutorial (The scenario editor never got a rework btw, it was always hard for me to understand it (Still don’t (Like at all(Nope)))).
    -Give the option to make a notification sound if 5+ settlers are idle at the same time for 10 seconds (Then every other 15 seconds) sort of like the AoE2-DE farm depleted sound, but less intrusive.
  • Add more filters to the casual multiplayer search, as for now you can’t really combine them all as much, sometimes I want to search only game between 2 to 4 players, excluding the 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 players.
  • Show how much healers can heal per second as for a statistic matter…

Hope a few of these catch up, if you have another suggestion, please leave it below :slight_smile:


For me the voices of Chileans are very rare, La modificacion del verbo en pasado - present que cambian la “e” por una “i” y eliminan la “s” como el “que queri” es una modificacion que se normalizo durante los años 1980, por lo cual no representa el habla de los chilenos en el periodo de la independencia, parece que hubieran tomado un drogadicto de puente alto para usar las voces

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Oh! tough of 3 more:

6) Features of the very AoE3-DE forums:

  • This one change hehehe → Forum quick adjustment heheh (New posts dot)
  • HAVING THE DEVS POST VOTING POLLS, not sure what the process is when devs make a change or balance on an update, but I haven’t seen any way to vote for them, they don’t ask what lil features they could work on the next patch like “Hey gamers, would you prefer a new special map or an event this next patch” followed by an official poll. Pretty much everyone would be into that, I certainly would.
  • Forum etiquette, guys, no cursing please, no degrading the people in the forums, this is not for damning people in the chats, for that go to reddit :v

Hahahah, wena compadre, usted parla chileno :v
No todas las unidades hablaban así en el wars of liberty, solo el “Roto chileno” por obvias razones hahah.
Los milicos hablaban más “formalmente”.

Mayormente pensaba en cambiar a los actores de voz, que no sigan sonando españoles después de la revolución :grin:

From what i have read is like 30% not possible in this game engine.

Pasate nick de discord papu

That’s the problem, the historical equivalent for the Russian musketteer is already in the game, but as a skirmisher type unit: the Strelet.

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Oh well, in that case I was also thinking if maybe that is a chance to change the musketeer all together to the pike-men.

After all, in Age II they might have damage output, but they have poor siege, musketeers are the only ones with decent Age II siege damage, but pike-men might be all the better for that function, though the problem arises once again, the new pike-men (And since we are at it, the halberdiers) don’t have an accurate description that they are overall weaker by being trained by Russia.

Maybe just changing the unit’s name to something in Russian would be enough to make a difference on both units, then it’s just a matter of re-skin, but I’m not sure if there is a special word for pike-men and halberdiers in Russian so that it wouldn’t confuse people from Russia when reading the unit’s name only to find out they are entirely different…

As another feature (To add to the pile on this same thread), how about a filter option when creating decks?
A filter for example to group all infinite cards, or all team cards, or all crate cards…

You get the idea, simple.