AoE2DE Xbox controller support for PC version (Steam Deck)

With recent Xbox release of Age of Empires 2 DE, some of the PC players and Steam Deck owners were expecting to have an update in our current copy from Steam to enjoy the experience of playing the game with the Xbox layout in our handheld PCs.

Is there any chance to get an update in a near future of this feature for the Pc version of this game and be able to enjoy the game in Steam Deck/other pc handhelds?



+1 how long we must wait ??

+1 I would love to have controller support on pc.

Need to be PC Game Pass/ Microsoft Store as well!

Yes please! This would be great. Have to disable keyboard input entirely, though, with a controller connected, to prevent abuse of the AI assistance features.

I would love to have this as well.

+1 for controller support

+1 would be really amazing