[AoE2TriggerCraft] Scenario edit tool for DE (main in trigger)

Hello everybody.

I have been waiting for AoKTS for 3 years, so I changed my mind. I made a editor by myself.

This referenced to AoE2ScenarioParser but not based on it, nor python.
Actually, it will perform much faster on scenario reading and editing.

It is really a huge plan, so there are just a bit of features completed.

Now support:

  • Read / save scenario.
  • Import / Export strings in scenario, then edit them externally.
  • View trigger tree, show the cond./eff. belong to them.
  • Duplicate a trigger to every player, modifying the player param, for multiplay.
  • View(only) some scenario base info.
  • View(only) trigger info.
  • Add/Remove triggers/conditions/effects.

Its default language is not English, but I made a unfinished multi-language support, some of strings will display in English decided by system setting.

I am looking for suggestions and collaborators, so if you have some idea/knowledge of C++ programing and willing to, just let me know.


YeYouShen niub ,what a great job!! :grin:

Any further news on this?

Cannot use,hope to update!