AOE3 Complete - Online game Crashes 5-10 mins into games

Some help would be appreciated.

I have had AOE3 Complete collection (steam) for some time. Used to get the odd freeze up, nothing major, but now I can’t play the game at all as it is happening every time.

I get going, then anything between 5 seconds and 10 minutes into the game it freezes. I still hear normal game sound but it totally freezes up and shows as not responding in task manager. The PC itself does not crash.

All my drivers are up to date.
I have reinstalled (twice, on different hard drives too in order to test that)
I have the .exe to run as administrator
I have tried compatability mode off, XPSP3 and Vista SP2

It seems to be a common problem without a common fix.

Running Win 10 - Fully updated.
Hardware is more than sufficient and as I said it has been running totally fine before, playing 4-5 games a week with only very few issues until now.

Please help?!

Online or Offline?

Online - a guy had to reset his modem to make the problem go away.

It is just when online.

I will try resetting the router/modem.


Unforunately this has not worked and I am still getting the error.

Any other ideas? At my wits end with it now!