AoE3:DE an AoE3 HD Crossplay

Hello there,
I want to play AoE3 with a friend who has the HD version already, but when I saw there are two version on the market, I wasnt sure whether he could play together with me owning the DE version.

Is it possible to play together with two different versions?

Thanks for help!

Hello there,

AoE3:HD version doesn’t exist, so I have to assume you are talking about the legacy version of AoE3 from 2007. AoE3 has so far only been remastered once; into the DE version a couple months ago.

As for the question, no, it is absolutely not possible to play these two versions together. The DE version introduced over 133,000 individual changes and additions over the original game from 2007, and is therefore completely incompatible with it.

Your friend will have to buy the DE version to play together with you. If he owns the original AoE3 on Steam, he can get a further price discount.