AoE3: DE Beta - No Invitation


I did not receive beta invite? How long do I need to wait for the invite?

The beta forum is also closed so we don’t have access to it to see it so that we can atleast see how the game looks.


Hi @RockAndy87, If you haven’t signed into your insider profile lately, I would recommend ensuring your insider profile preferences are properly set, including checking the box that says you play Age of Empires III. Toggling on the slider for both the Microsoft Store and Steam platforms will increase your odds of receiving an invite as well because the flight team needs to test crossplay.

The beta forum is closed because the beta is closed and bound by the insider NDA. I hope that the community team reveals some info about the game soon to fans who are currently not in the beta, so they have something to get excited about.

I hope this answers your questions.

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Thanks for your response @RadiatingBlade.

My profile already has all information already filled during questionnaire were presented while I signed up for the insider account. My steam is connected, MS Store and DiectX file uploaded, too.

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So I think it’s normal. We will have to wait for the next wave of invitation in early March.

I am very interested in the invitation too!

Is there any way to confirm that our profiles have been correctly updated? I’m patiently waiting for an invitation too!

@Fuzalert If you would like to be certain, whenever the community team on social media says to check your insider profile by a certain date, go ahead and confirm at that time your settings have been saved.

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This is enough for DE invitation yeah? or anything else im missing? im really want to get invited late march!

I haven’t received it either. It’s random and odds get increased based on your preference and your PC capacity. You will eventually get it, don’t worry.

I’m also still waiting for the invitation!, I participated in the AoE 2 DE Beta and I really want to participate in AoE 3 DE Beta!

Same thing here, been a participant in all betas except this one!

Ok, same for me, did not received the keys for beta, someone can help me? Already fully completed my profile…

filling out the profile isn’t a guarantee you’ll get in an invite, just that you are included in the selection list. Invites for the next session are going out soon if they haven’t started to roll out already

Aaaaand…invitations are out but no invitation for me. :frowning:

Just checked mine profile again, for some odd reason the option to be contacted for beta was off.
I marked it to be on saved, then reloaded the page and was off again. something is wrong

No invite code for me or for my friend, sad life.