AoE3: DE Beta not showing in insider hub

After receiving the email today stating i now had access to the beta through xbox insider hub the beta was not showing. Went through all the steps listed in the FAQ under “I cannot find my beta listed in the Xbox Insider Hub!”

Any ideas of other things i can try?

I’m having the same issue. I think their permissions are borked.

same here it is a general issue ?
It will be fix asap I guess :smiley:

fixed it by re logging in the website

I am having the same issue :frowning: I never got my insider invite on the hub but I did get the email.

I had the same issue because of multiple accounts… make sure you use the insider account


I just triple checked and it is using the correct account

Hi @Ocelsnek @thisbescotty @StanMapleLeaf99 @Kilthawar & @Baku010, If you still need help after troubleshooting using the steps provided on the Age of Empires Insider Support & FAQ, please reach out to the team at