AOE3 DE multiplayer number

Hi all,

Old school AOE3 player here, looking to dabble in the DE in my spare time. Obviously to make it a worthwhile purchase need to find out a little about the multiplayer community.

Approx how many players play this game at any given time on Steam? Are there enough players in DM / Supremecy to quickly find a game? Is it an active multiplayer community?


You can see some of this information on steam charts. This of course only includes the steam users. There’s also some people playing through the MS store that are not accounted for.

Been peaking around 4.5k players each day, and there’s almost always 2k+ concurrent players, so I’d say it’s pretty active. DM games might be hard to find, but supremacy is pretty easy. Queue times can be long at certain parts of the day, but they’ll never take more than 8 mins.

Multiplayer community is pretty active. you can see a top 50 player stream pretty much any day, and community-hosted tournaments are not uncommon.


Awesome - that’s what I wanna hear!