AOE3 De still needs work. My 2 cents!

The devs did a good job with the game. However it still needs a lot of work. So far my biggest issue is with disconnections. Its 2020 you should have the option to reconnect to a game. Dota 2 is a great example of how this works. Game crashed, Internet went out for 3 or 4 mins. You have 5 mins minimum to be able to get back into the game without any negative impact. Just today I have had 3 ranked games “ended” because of a disconnect. The saddest part is these connection issues are so small that discord doesn’t even disconnect. I could still hear/talk to my teammate on discord while the game “attempted” to reconnect. There should even be a penalty system for people that fail to reconnect like rage quitters. Back in the original aoe3 when you were connecting pcs together without dedicated servers this was a different story. However now we have dedicated servers this option should have been a no brainer. Having someone lose a connection in a multiplayer game is not just an inconvenience for you but ruined the gaming experience for the rest of your team as well.

I will however applaud the devs for the ranking system. Having ranked in a search function is probably the best step they could have done. Finding a game in the original game was like getting your teeth pulled. The planets had to align before the game would be run.

Works well!

  1. Ranking search (just needs more players to make it more fair)
  2. Dedicated Servers
  3. Actually getting balances.
  4. No issues connecting to other players.

Needs work!

  1. No player profiles. (can’t even share your home city decks to discuss changes)
  2. Disconnection/reconnects.
  3. Searching. (The host searching should be able to leave the search tab without canceling the search)
  4. Improved Ranking. (I hope they bring back the ladder/metal systems like Eso That added competitiveness)
  5. The lobby browser is a mess and half the time breaks when you try to arrange it.

So far this is a step in the right direction. However I believe the devs missed out on a lot of basic factuality and instead spent more time on adding content. Get the games base working first and the rest will come with balance changes and shifts.

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