Aoe3 definitive edition without a pc

So my pc finally kicked the bucket after 18 months and i really want to play aoe3 definitive edition again the problem being that my ordinary wifi broke too. I have to use my phone to access the internet. Is there a way to play pc games you already purchased for pc on another standalone device or do i need a new pc and new modem to do so?

no phone is powerful enough to play aoe 3 so you gonna need some kind of computer

As for wifi you can use that to share your internet, though if you are on a metered internet plan then dont cause that will eat up your internet real quick and also it will be really choppy


Only Xbox games are available on XCloud for now and it’s only for Game Pass members so it doesn’t matter if you bought it on Steam.

So there is no official way to play the game on a mobile device yet.
Not sure how that could work practically anyway unless you use Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on your phone.

So yes, you need a PC to play a PC game.
You also need a Playstation to play a Playstation game.

In the future, we could do like the DOOM fans and install AoE3 on pregnancy tests and ATMs.


Steam Deck can play aoe3de

In fact it has the aoe 3 of java…

Of course, although you can still play your steam, epic and uplay games in Geforce Now…

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You can imagine and if it comes out positive it makes you the shipping noise available xd…

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Steam Deck is a PC.

You’re right, it’s actually available for Geforce Now.
Not sure if that game has support for mobile input though. Doesn’t help when it just emulates a controller.

Yes, I say it because I have an account in geforce now, since as I do not have space on the disk because I played it out there xd…