Aoe3 doesn't start on win10 dx12


At first i was getting the 0xc000007b error and coulnd’t find a way to solve it no matter what.
I decided to download the DirectX End-User installer as someone suggested to me, the error disappeared but is now replaced with a new one that says literally nothing. It is an error message that comes when i attempt to start the game and says nothing !!! I don’t know what to search and what to do.

If someone can help me, please!!!


Hi, I am running Age of Empires III on Windows 10 with DirectX12 too. Is your version on Steam or CD? What are your computer specs? Make sure your computer is good enough to run it. The Steam version is very stable and I have never had any issues.


it is CD. My laptop’s specs are no problem at all. It is capable to run all latest games, let alone an old one from 2005.


Try this:

Find the .exe of your game, rightclick on it, choose properties and go to compatibility tab.

choos windows xp service pack 3 and run as administrator

worked for me


Hi, have you had the same exact problem?
I have tried all compatibility modes and unfortunately none worked.


No, not exact the same problem.

But since you’re running from CD --> Do you have the patches installed?

Most old cd’s are behind on updates


The CD is almost certainly not patched. Download the correct patch. Just buy the game when it’s available on sale on Steam and you’ll auto-update. Kind of the whole reason Valve made Steam.


thanks for the idea guys but unfortunately it seems like this is not the issue. I get this message after trying to patch the game. Says “Age of Empires III is up to date”
Also i use the complete collection edition.


do all three .exe have this problem?



The answer might be in this thread with the same error for games:

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@UrbanizedGem684 Download and install MSXML 4.0.

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Finally, this SOLVED the problem. Not even the guy from MS support suggested me to do that. I hope it doesn’t mess up something else, but the game really works now! :+1::+1::scream:
Also thank you SunwardBooch720 for all the ideas and interest in the issue, appreciate it.