Aoe3 USA

The civ USA: skirmisher can make barracks (instantly), barracks can make skirmishers (instantly), then it just goes on…like cell division, or virus. You just cant clean them up…it is same feeling when I am dealing with cockroaches in an old house. Kill it, it will come out somewhere else…who designed this civ? Is this RTS or hide and seek?

What? Is this a custom Mod or what are you talking about?

Supposedly an AoE3DE thread that was mistakenly written here.

TIL AoE3 has the USA as aciv

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Stop trying to steal @Apocalypso4826 civi idea.

Maybe he’s talking about real life.

This is supposed to be in aoe3 thread. I posted in the wrong place and I can’t delete it now.

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For a while, it was the only reason I wanted to play it, because I’m American and my country is too young to be in AoE2.


A mod like @FloosWorld can move it.

I’ve seen that OP posted this in 3’s forum as well, so I just gonna close this thread :slight_smile: Any discussion towards the topic continues here →