AoE3DE Changelogs

Is there a convenient way to see changelogs?

3 items per page on the news page really doesn’t help. I don’t think I can change it but even having it as default seems outright silly.

The way I did it is opened announcements forum and followed the link from every update thread. I didn’t find 1st DE changelog that way so found it separately.

What I actually was looking for is changes that I didn’t see reflected in the game, namely, Advanced Dock healing bonus reduced to +50% in the 1st release and Extensive Fortifications being moved to Age 1 in 13088 and I didn’t see those being reverted in the following changelogs. I don’t really care but I was trying to update a single page on the wiki and it’s nice to have them there for posterity if those changes really happened


Neither do help vague card descriptions: is it really that hard to put actual multiplier in Fur Trade?

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I have done some work on the wikia, needs some adjusting

I was thinking of doing some templates based on units tag, instead of replacing every single change in every unit.

Also I started to do some update on HC cards, Russians and British are somewhat updated

I didn’t check, I just noticed that St. Basil’s Cathedral wasn’t replaced with Church of the Savior on Blood :slight_smile:

They should patch changelogs in-game just like in Dota 2 so returning players can easily see what’s new in the game. The “news” tab in the main menu is basically useless.


Interestingly enough there’s in-game “News” but it it has 2 items: DE launch, and US civ launch.

Now it’s back to just DE launch 11