AoE3DE is being developed by Tantalus

Adam Isgreen confirmed that Tantalus is developing Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.


I’m actually quite disapointed and worried on this. Tantalus seems to be a company focus on porting third party games onto different platforms (correct me if I’m wrong), I doubt they have enough experience and enthusiasm to make a great Aoe3 DE.

It may be a good thing for AOE 1 and 2 DE in the long run. It means that Forgotten Empires can keep their focus on those titles, without having to mess with the completely and utterly different beast that is AOE 3 and its entirely unrelated tech base.

On the other hand, it could also mean that Forgotten Empires might choose to do AOM DE as well, being more systemically similar to the older titles than part 3.

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I wouldn’t worry too much. Tantalus is also one of the developers of AoEDE and AoE2DE, and we know that there is Age of Empires Studio that oversees the studio’s work.

AoM is much more similar to AoE3 on the technical side (basically you could say AoM was the starting point from which AoE3 was made; it’s the same engine). AoM is a 3D game like AoE3 and works very differently from AoE1/AoE2.

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I meant on a game play level, it is closer to the classic AOE titles than AOE 3, so there is at least that similarity going.

Ill take it. I hope we see AOE3DE by March/May next year

Tantalus studios and Forgotten Empires are working in AOE DE and AOEII DE.

In adiction, Wicked Witch studios is working in AOEII DE too.

I have taken the picture of Steam



Yeah but the thing is porting a games isn’t as easy as we think. It needs software engineers, designers, programmers etc too. Regardless, look at their jobs, about us and then games section, they seem to have a well rounded studio. I wouldn’t worry. Every single “port” by them has been fine. I have played nearly 3/4 of them (all of the cities, deus ex, rime, shift 2, sonic mania, and more). Plus don’t forget, AOE 3 DE is a port of some sort too. It is basically “porting” to the current gen system.

When work load is overwhelming, companies do take contracts, both Tentalus, and Wicked witch are fine studios no matter at what they do. Relax brother :slight_smile: