Aoe3de new campaigns

Will Aoe3de include new campaigns (i think to Napoleon)?

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It’s not known at the moment.

yes man, and 3 civs , italians, nort korea, and sweden


I Hope you are right

Hello! do you have the crystal ball?

I want see some European Campaign
Napoleon,Great Northern War,Otto-Russo Wars,Seven Years War etc.

This sounds accurate. Hopefully you are not sharing info that you are not allow to share. :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

I’m really hoping for new civs… but maybe not those lol.

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I hope so, I am looking for Constantinople conquest for example

eh, too early for the periode.

AoE4 Campaigns topic:1453 Conquer of Constantinople is too late for medieval

AoE3 DE Campaigns topic: topic:1453 Conquer of Constantinople is too early for aoe3 era

lol poor constantinople :joy: :joy:

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first of all it is not to late for AOE4 since it will go a little longer than aoe 2 which ended around 1600.

second the conquest of Constantinople often is marked as the end of the medevil era, which is the periode aoe 3 is about.

we dont even have appropriate units for a Constantinople campaign.

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I heard Persia is one new civ and campaign

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I think the campaign contents must include colonial wars instead of european domestic conflicts. Here is my campaign contents for:

Dutch-Portuguese War (in Brazil)
Ottoman-Portuguese War (in Yemen,Oman,Aceh, and India)
(can include: Ottoman Expedition to Aceh&Gujarat and Portuguese Conquest of Ormuz&Oman)
Spanish Conquest of Aztec and Inca
British-French War in North America
Russian-Qing(China) Wars in Manchuria
Russian Colonization of Siberia(Conquest of Sibir Khanate) and Alaska
Dutch-Portuguese conflicts in Indonesia
Dutch-Portuguese and British conflicts in India


Reddit has allot more on it

Reddit isn’t a offical source.

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Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition should add these civilizations:

  • Austro-Hungarians (based on the Austro-Hungarian Empire)
  • Polish-Lithuanians (based on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)
  • Siamese (based on the Ayutthaya, Thonburi, and Rattanakosin kingdoms of Thailand)
  • Swedes (based on the Swedish Empire of 1611-1721)
  • Ethiopians (based on the Ethiopian Empire of 1270-1974)

There could maybe be campaigns based on these. The Polish-Lithuanians especially deserve a campaign after Lithuania was so ridiculously excluded from Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition’s campaign mode. The Austro-Hungarian Empire played a major role in Eastern European history during the AoE3 timeframe, while Thailand became easily the dominant power of Southeast Asia during the era, even at the peak of European colonialism. Many people were upset that the Siamese weren’t a civilization in Rise of the Rajas, but they fit Age 3 better, anyway. Sweden would give Scandinavian players a non-Viking/Norse civilization, while the Ethiopian Empire remained proud even during the age of colonialism, not to mention the AoE2 campaign focused on the fall of the preceding kingdom of Axum anyway.

Why would it be North Korea? It’d just be Korea

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Don’t wait for many civs,or new Campaign.
Maybe they will just improve the graphics and fix the bugs.
You can say,“but aoe2 de have new campaigns and civs”
But remember,aoe2de developed by Forgotten Empires,Wicked Witch and Tantalus Media.
But AoE3 is only developing by Tantalus