[AOE4] 1x1 Gameplay Preview

It would be great to see a couple of minutes of an actual 1x1 gameplay! I bet most AOE2 fans are waiting for it! :slight_smile:



Imo the trailers make the game look unflattering by doing all these ridiculous close ups and pan shots. They hardly showed any raw gameplay footage with UI, like how players will actually be viewing the game.


Exactly!! They went for a cinematic view and it did not work well. It would have been a lot better simply showing someone playing the game, with the actual UI. Creating villagers, training their first military units, managing units during combat… Instead we have got a 80v80 unit fight with fireworks, flashbangs and really weird arrows.


Yeh I think cinematic cameras always look trash in 3d RTS games. All the units weirdly lined up in battle formations too, It just feels wrong.

Until I see a player trying to micro units in a messy skirmish I have no idea what the game look like. It could be clean, satisfying, and functional, or it could be a clunky over animated mess. I honestly can’t tell.

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Exactly! Cinematics are great, but I was really expecting to see some real games, and get a feel on how the gameplay will actually be. The camera angles shown (and the weird arrows) are a nice perspective, but it won´t be how people will play the game


Indeed. The focus that happened on the units and animation distorted a bit the overall gameplay of the game.

A simple 1v1 game or skirmish against AI would have shown more on how the game plays. Probably lesser issues also graphics wise were people tend to complain about. Since nobody plays on that zoomed in unit focus.