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What happened to the beta forum? I had this long essay I wrote there that I didn’t think I would have to save; is there any way for me to retrieve it?

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I was also writing and boom removed from existence

the beta forum is closed rn so the devs can compile everything.

did you save a draft? im unsure of how/where you would be able to even post it.
you can’t really give feedback/info about the beta on normal forums. :frowning:

Hi guys, The beta forum closed at 1pm PDT today. If you have feedback that you had written up and forgot to send please PM me the feedback and I’ll notify the team about it.


Very weird to close down the beta forums so fast after the beta end. I also received a survey e-mail that was valid for a whopping 11 hours from 7pm to 7am. How does the team expect to receive feedback in such a timeframe?


the survey was actually available throughout the beta, they just sent an email after.
you could arguably say they could have been better at communicating that but oh well.

i think its fair as they would have to compile and go over the feedback. for a lot of us the beta started on the 5th.

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Whoa, such a shame, and such a small timeframe.
I was busy working and couldn’t finish the post I was about to make, guess I’ll pm that to you then.

Better question is when is the next beta :thinking:


Yep, I could not even answer the Survey. When I noticed the email it was already over the timeframe.

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Soon :tm:

Idk I’d have to write down all dates, but for me it felt rather OK. Devs prolonged beta period, that gave players more time to think about the game. There was a pinned thread about the exact survey deadline, as well as info about shutting down (or rather freezing and hiding - they didn’t wipe it, just 'archived to organize the feedback).

I honestly wasn’t even checking my email. Just clicked through in-game survey link, took my time to complete it and that’s that.
It might be better to have that deadline because a lot of what would come after cut-off date would be repetitions/ outdated feedback and dealing with that at the same time when Dev team is already processing and acting upon all gather stuff wouldn’t not very practical and efficient.

People that missed the survey should gather their thoughts, write them down, and wait for next beta and then modify them accordingly :slight_smile:

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I did not even get to write any feedback or fill the survey given the short time window that was given to fill it in.

@TanglyTerror410 Don’t worry. I’m sure there will be at least one more opportunity to provide feedback.