AoE4 Civ Design

If there is any way I could contribute, I would. At least for AoE II. I speak several languages and research and teach history as well. I completely agree that it shouldn’t be piled up as one civilisation. Such cringe to play the Portuguese fighting camels in Kerala haha. So yeah, if I can contribute in any way (even graphic designing), I will. You can gimme a shout on @geopoliticsdude on IG

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you can participate in the discussions on aoe2 forums and share your ideas and enlighten us. :slight_smile: this will help modders with new ideas and help shape the game development in right direction.

Will do! :slight_smile:

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Asking for a big too much haha

Haha how is that too much? India shown as one is literally like Europe shown as one. I would say either have “Indians” presented as one of the civilisations or introduce a few. Like if they literally showed Indians as Rajputs for the Prithviraj campaign, that would have made sense. And then they can sell more civilisations in expansion packs.

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I like the idea of expansion packs for sure. I assumed they are aiming to simplify the number of civilizations.

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Ah yes. If they simplify it, they should still stick with a real continuous civilisation from the subcontinent rather than “Indians” or completely abandon it and introduce 3 - 4 of them when they sell expansion packs.

Finally someone else than me said this.

Well,Seljuks weren’t origins of Ottomans.They were a vassal or similar thing of Seljuks.
But you are right add Seljuks make more sense.seljuks were greatest country turks founded in medieval

Accroding to Wikipedia

Ertuğrul and his followers entered the service of the Sultanate of Rum, for which he was rewarded with dominion over the town of Söğüt on the frontier with the Byzantine Empire.[4] This set off the chain of events that would ultimately lead to the founding of the Ottoman Empire.