AOE4 client/server ignores building rally waypoints

I have noticed in this season that unit waypoints are intermittently dropped by either the game client or server.

This clip captures an incidence where building rally waypoints are dropped. You can see in the clip where the Shaolin temple has subsequent waypoints in its rally beyond the first point which is in the center of the screen. Yet the monk trained after the waypoint is set ignores all subsequent waypoints.

Note that it is relatively difficult to capture such behaviors with the in-game replay.

I have also seen the following behaviors:

  • Waypoints are dropped without appearing in replay

  • Some of a sequence of waypoints appear in the replay much (ie. in the bulk part of 1-2s) later than when the user input the actual sequence – in the same game as the clip above, I had a case of this when setting rally waypoints for a stable and that coincided with a knight spawned from that stable missing some of the waypoints – and this is without any other appearance of lag spike in-game