AOE4 Concept idea #1: Religious units

Aoe4 will probably come very late and that’s fine. I hope they make a proper game. Also it needs to have lots of defining features that makes it different from Aoe2. So I’ll gradually share certain concepts that I think will be great. Any constructive feedback will be much appreciated. Here are my concept idea on religious units.

  1. Relics are present in this game and you can capture it with any monks units. Once you capture it, it automatically becomes yours. If you store it in a temple it’ll give you gold. Various other campaign relics can grant even more bonus. You can also use your monk to carry the relics as symbol in battle. They have an area of influence where it can boost your units health.

  2. Religious units is a special units that you can create in your temple besides monks. Unlike other military units they have two features,
    *The number of relics under your command will determine the number of religious units that you can create. If you have one relic, you can create three of them. If they die you can replace them but if you lose your relic you can’t replace them anymore.
    *They can’t be converted. However they can’t convert either. They also automatically attacks enemy monks and have extra attack against them. Also they have an area of influence that makes it harder for enemy monks to convert your units.

Different faction can have different religious units.
Christian factions will have Crusader knights (heavily armoured Knight) while Muslim factions get Gazi warriors (Lightly armoured with very fast speed ans good attack speed). Eastern faction gets warrior monks (very fast light infantry that are excellent against other infantry). Nomad faction like Mongols won’t get them as they never used Religious units as as warriors.

So this is my idea on it. Please, Share your thoughts on it.

  1. This sounds great for a mod or similar to what already exist with various treasures. Alot of fun can be had with capturing, eco-booming & wielding these relics.

For the standard game, its a little too extravagent/specific (more important stuff to remember). But if the boost is 1- 5%, then it would be a slight opportune boost, just right.
The whole ’booming-turtle’ feature would get autowrecked, you’d need to have a Relic which befalls only the player who -isn’t looking for relics- or automaticallt befalls player who inflicts lowest amount of resource casulty on the regions resources.

2. I like the idea for Religious units.

In the past, I began writing up therycrafts for various civilisations and the same thought about ‘religious units’ came to mind.
At that time as I looked through religious units applications;
I saw it as a means to physically impose the civilisation onto others much quicker, already in Age I, though mainly in teamgames. The Church/religious building could for free through card summon a batch of these units, so by building a forward church, the team could cause some havoc quickly.

Maybe one or some civilisations can even have these religious units progress alongst the ages and/or unlock additional religious units.

Compensating is a hassle though

Fun idea.

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