AOE4 console version beta could be available in Xbox Hub insider

I don’t know if It really Is the Xbox version but in this case i’m going understand why this game has a mediocre Graphic and One of the worst UI seen in a RTS. this game should be runnable on console.

Oh dear, exactly what was missing. :joy:


I don’t think this means anything. Xbox insider hub is for PC too. They use the xbox brand on PC for their games. Xbox logos have been on AOE4 adverts since the beginning. This doesn’t mean it’s for console it means it’s being made by Microsoft and is on PC gamespass etc (which uses a programme called xbox but is for PC). Very confusing I know.


No, the console version of Aoe4 Will be released this year. Probably E3 announcement.

Do you have a source on that buddy?

You have no sources.


“It’s real in my mind” :upside_down_face:

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Read the title please " It .could be"

Yes but the post I was replying to was more definite.

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Ah, ok. Sorry i forgot to post the source. However Is Klobrille, One of the most legit Xbox insider with Jez Corden.

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A console version makes no sense. I like playing on my console, even shooter. But in no universe would I play a RTS as complex as Aoe on a console.

And they also better have a full fledged team fixing the pc version…


Realy, a full team fixing the pc version?

They published this thing has final, they won’t be fixing it. XD

Maybe age of empire 5 will be bether ?

I don’t realy know, the aoe franchise is on a sinking flag ship whit aoe 4, that hit a iceberg.

They did try to inovate whit aoe online, whit the cartoon wolrd, but it did not feal aoe any more.

It feal like the other scaming game online, asking kids to buy stuff in a virtual shop, to be able to just play.