AoE4 Crashes on launch

Hi, every time I launch AoE4 it crashes near immediately. I click ‘Play’ and it seems to launch for a second, showing the black screen indicating it’s booting up and the AoE4 cursor shows too, but then it suddenly crashes without any error code, pop-up, or warning. I have tried:

Restarting the computer
Checking and reinstalling NVidia drivers
Verifying integrity of game files
Downloading windows updates
Disabling firewall

Any ideas? I appreciate any and all help!

Unluckily there are many possible reasons for AoE4 launch failures.
Perhaps begin here
… as well as the general troubleshooting
Further hints can deliver the *.log files in your user folder “USER\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV” and also there in “…\LogFiles”.
Also the Windows event logs could deliver valuable hints as well as the DirectX diagnosis “DxDiag”.

What you should check at first:

  • make sure your dedicated GPU is active (not the CPU internal iGPU).
  • avoid (disable) cloud storage like OneDrive, SteamCloud or similar.
  • disable parallel running gfx usage like gfx overlays or similar direct GPU access.

Yeah the one time my friend’s game crashed it turned out to be this.

Hey all, thanks for the suggestions! After uninstalling and reinstalling the nvidia drivers and restarting the computer a few times, I eventually got it working. Not entirely sure what did the trick, but something seemed to work. Thanks for the help and suggestions!

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