AOE4 daily challenges do not automatically refresh

The daily challenges will not update to new content after the countdown ends, but will only display the original challenges or prompt that there are no new challenges. This problem has been present on the PC platform for a long time, and with the launch of the Xbox Console version, the problem is quite serious.
Usually, on PC, the content of the new day’s daily challenges is refreshed by restarting the game. However, for AOE4 that supports “Xbox quick resume”, I need to enter the game from the main interface, wait for the game to load, and then press the menu button to manually exit. In addition, the startup page of AOE4 cannot be skipped quickly, and I need to wait an additional period of time to enter the game. This greatly affects my experience of being able to start playing immediately when I turn on the Xbox. I hope that this part of the content can be automatically updated or refreshed after reconnecting to the server.