AOE4 Editor is so annoying, add a feature very important

Dear developers, you released the Editor to create mods for Age Of Empire 4, but its so ■■■■■■■ annoying, miss a very important feauture: “Multiple clone assets , where i can for example active Clone LocString and Clone ovverride Parent settings, or something of similar, or default”, actually i can only copy a multiple selection but not clone, i wanted create a mod, but clone one to one 100 assets (6 click every time) i dont want.
Please add soon this feature, we need it.

Other feature is change the type of assets in a second moment, for example before i did only Clone LocString, and i can activate also Clone ovverride Parent settings, in a second moment.

Other feature is change a asset copied to a asset cloned.

Thank you @Toriga4198! The Content Editor is currently in Beta and was released as such so we can get hands-on feedback from our amazing creators and modders. I’ll make sure the CE team sees this—much appreciated!