AoE4 future

Now that AoE4 has released, will Relic have a team doing continuing support for AoE4 or will have rotate fully to working on Company of Heroes 3 and World’s Edge will be responsible for ongoing support and any expansion/dlc work?

COH 3 is made by a different team. Companies have more that 5 people working btw. Yes relic and MS is fully committed to support AOE 4 for a lot of years, this is just the beginning.

Nothing in the question suggested it wouldn’t be supported, the question was whether Relic would keep a team working on it, or if they will move on.

I hope the artificial intelligence will be fixed.

Look at AOE3:DE a year ago and look at it now.

Will AOE4 a year from now be as improved as AOE3:DE was in the past year?

I’m very skeptical about this.

bruh… AOE3DE, the DE itself is the new thing and a sign of long time support, also AOE 3DE is a very old game and majority of the stuff in that game is solved and played to death. AOE 3DE is also not very popular, but it got 2DLC, it has regular events

AOE 2 DE is also getting constant balance updates and patches and DLC.