Aoe4 Game Crash Xbox gamepass

Today I downloaded the game to play in Xbox game pass. But after a while the game crashes. and can no longer enter the game When entering the game, the intro page pops out again. I’ve tried almost every way. Does anyone have any other ideas that could be solved?

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My game is crashing on the Xbox Series X while playing a skirmish, but no one seems to have a fix for it yet.


I’m also experiencing a game braking crash. Me and a few of my friends have been playing against AI lately for a-bit of fun, the crashes have been happening every game we have had for the last week. When the crash happened tonight we were about 90 minutes in a game unfortunately I crashed but this time my friend didn’t crash and he left.

Every other game that did crash kicked us all out when we were in the middle of a game I think 1 was due to to many projectiles (maybe) from the firecrackers or what ever they are called that is unique to the Chinese civ as frame rate did drop but again I’m not 100% if that was the cause.

Apart from that I’m not sure if it’s server based we usually play after 10pm-2am GMT so servers shouldn’t be ram packed I think?

I’ve not had the crash from starting up the game and have not had it crash during about 8 of the campaign mission.

It’s a real shame to see this happen, me and my friends love this game can’t wait to see this fixed at some point I played aoe games when I was like 6 years and loved the Xbox port of the aoe 2 remaster and think that aoe Iv is a amazing blend of everything good from 2 and a mix of the new mechanics that enhance the game in almost every way please fix this devs so we can keep playing until then it gonna have to be uninstalled.

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The game is still crashing. Since I started the mongols campaign it began to crash in every game, I tried reinstalling and just could finish 1 game, then it started crashing again in all skirmishes. I used to have smooth gameplays before