AOE4 ignores Windows GPU (Graphics) settings

Bug (or bad feature?)

The game arbitrarily decides to use the GPU with more vram, as shown in the “warnings.log” file located in “Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV”:

(I) [23:34:55.559] [000009108]: Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU video dedicated: 4184866816 shared: 14867206144 system dedicated: 0
(I) [23:34:55.586] [000009108]: Checking against Adapter: AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics video dedicated: 4267880448 shared: 14867206144 system dedicated: 0
(I) [23:34:55.586] [000009108]: Adapter chosen because it had more dedicated vram 4267880448 > 4184866816

In other words AOE4 ignores the settings in Windows Graphics settings:

In systems with two GPUs it might mean that there is no way to use the fastest GPU with AOE4.

Suggested solution:

AOE4 should rely on Windows Graphics settings like other games and applications.