[AoE4] Keep the highest ranking for rewards at the end of the season

Hello everyone,

Everything is in the title, I have seen this subject brought up so many times being on social media like reddit or others (as I am writing this post, I do even see related posts in this forum). Everyone is complaining about that, yet I can not find anything from the devs that at least acknowledge the issue.

A lot of players are switching to quick matchs/smurfing or simply stopping to play because of the fear of loosing the rank they’ve just had. This is very bad for the community as it makes newer/low tier players face up against more smurfs in ranked games and it does lower the number of players in queue.

I am yet to find any good reason to not apply this change as soon as possible. Tell me if you have any as I am very curious about that. Even more, this change is very easy to make from a code point of view.

So the questions are →

  1. Is this acknowledged somewhere by anyone from the dev team ? I may have missed it, I am sorry if it is the case.
  2. How long would it take to apply ? From my point of view (working in IT industry), this looks like a really simple change to implement.
  3. Is there really any good reason to not make this change as soon as possible ? I can not find any.

This post is not supposed to be rude or anything, please forgive me if it is the case as english is not my first language.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


Ive heard both sides and i have personally suffered from playing on my aingle account on the last dqy of rank and lost ranking!!!

Personally i thunk the viable and aoe4 supportive solutions are:

Make a smurf
And or play qs or custom.

Custom requires you know ppl willing to play at your desired level? But at least in custom you gain control over map and player skill. Plus if you’re really of a certain rank you know the ppl at your level and they knkw you!!