AOE4 Lacks Personality

This may get buried as I am not a typical AOE player… so I probably have opinions counter to most of the people on this forum.

I feel like AOE4 lacks personality. It is absolutely a sequel to AOE2, not AOE3. However as someone who has been playing AOE3 consistently since 2008 (give or take) I feel like it did away with all my favorite parts of AOE3. Instead it fed the (admittedly much larger AOE2 fanbase)

Also I can only speak to my experience of the AOE4 stress test, so I am sure more features will be added at some point…

But I miss the personality of the AI, the taunts they would give. I miss the home city shipments that made it feel like you could really build out a unique and custom strategy.
Even the UI which seemed dated to some, I feel as though it practically defined AOE3. The brown wood grain is what I think of with AOE, not this ultra clean slate blue. I don’t want the assassins creed animus animation effect when a building is created… this game is not magical or fantastical, it is all about going back in time and reinventing a civilization.

I think AOE4 is going to bring a lot of players over… it has a lot going for it, I will be playing it when it does come out. But I am going to miss AOE3. It will forever be this odd anachronistic outlier in the AOE franchise.


I feel the same, i see AoE4 has a AoE2 with some elements from AoE3. But nothing is really new.

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Stick to AoE 3 then.

AoE IV has so much personality and stands on its own as something new that AoE II fans call it too much like AoE 3 and viceversa.

It’s not everybody’s liking, but that’s not to say it isn’t something new or lacks personality.


I guess the thing here is not stick with this game or another, the thing is the community expectations. The more simple answer does not fit, cuz everyone here want the sucess to what AoE4 could be.