AoE4 Mod Tools

I do hope that Relic will release mapping and preferably mod tools. Having an import/export plugin would also be nice :slight_smile:

But since they’ve always included it with their DoW games, I’m confident that they’ll release them for this game too.

Just imagine a steam workshop like in company of heroes 2.
Wonder what will be next? TownHall skins?

It’s going to be a very tedious experience without Steam Workshop.

■■■■, I would be surprised if they include a solid in-game editing tools which we get for pretty much every AOE and AOM title. But modding capabilities are welcome nonethless.

I’d love for their to be mod tools and I’d love to build our community website for modders.

Potential lack of Steam supports sounds worrisome, though I’ve heard that Windows Store is allegedly better in this regard…

Having an accessible map/scenario creator is something that I would consider a core feature of Age of Empires and if its not included I feel it would negatively impact my opinion of the game. They key point is accessible and fairly easy to use.

Mod tools on top of that would be a nice bonus.

Im going to need to be able to have Millennium Falcons as units