Aoe4 model bug / error statistics (final full version)

  1. Chinse, Mongolia and France’s era 3 / 4 Spearman weapon model calls error and mistakenly uses the appearance of general European sickle gun (they should use their own national style weapons, but these appearances are only displayed briefly when they meet the enemy).

  2. After upgrading “incremental arrows”, camel archer’s weapon disappeared.

  3. After upgrading “incremental arrows”, the weapon appearance of Abbasid Dynasty (upgraded “composite bow” technology) Archer will change back to the short bow before upgrading.

  4. After upgrading the “incremental arrows”, the crossbows of the seven civs (except Mongolia) will wrongly change back to the appearance of the wooden crossbow of era 3, and the correct appearance should be a special gold crossbow (only the appearance of the “incremental arrows” crossbow of the Mongolian crossbow hand is correct).

  5. Only the appearance of Mongolian crossbow has not changed after the upgrade of era 4 (it has not changed into the appearance of steel crossbow).

  6. The appearance of Chinese archer’s weapons has not changed with the upgrade. Regardless of the era 2 / 3 / 4, it has always maintained a same appearance. According to the appearance upgrade rules of other civ composite archers, it should be repaired with reference to Mongolian step archers / riding archers and camel riding archers (there are actually three different bow appearances).

  7. The stone wall tower models of six civs (except Ross and Mongolia) do not correctly display the appearance of springald, but incorrectly display the appearance of the default archery slot / fire gun slot (don’t forget the build and destroy action).

8.Knight of Mongolian era 4: the appearance of his melee weapon is wrong. He should use the Mongolian style sword like the Mongolian warrior/Rus knights and Warriors of era 4(The golden Mongolian style sword), but he is still using the wrong European sword like a battle (the Mongolian Knight of era 3 has no problem).

9.The appearance of the lance of the Mongolian Knights of era 3 does not comply with the game upgrade rules. Normally, the Mongolian Knights of era 3 should use the yellow long pole lance (as in the battle mode) and use the current Chinese halberd in era 4. The advantage of this modification is that the appearance upgrade is more obvious, and it is easier to distinguish the Mongolian Knights of era 3 and era 4 (after all, they are too similar now), To make up for the lack of era 4 appearance of Mongolian units.

10.There is a problem with the shield appearance upgrade logic of fire Lance. As a special unit, it is either like a camel cavalry: it is always not equipped with a shield, or like a rider, it is equipped with different appearance shields in era3 and era4, rather than now: era3 is not equipped with a shield, but era4 is equipped with a shield.

11.The upgrade logic of the shield appearance of Mongolian riders in era 4 is chaotic: there are both ordinary shields of conventional riders and advanced golden shields of Mongolian warriors / knights, and the correct setting should be to use ordinary shields.

12.Model action bug:

Archer’s bowstring sometimes shows an anomaly (the bowstring remains open all the time).

The saddles of cavalry units are sometimes misplaced.

There is only one loading animation of the crossbow in the conventional operation mode, but in fact, the correct setting should be like the historical campaign mode, and there are two completely different loading animations (different according to the upgrade).

Rus streltsy’s weapon holding display is wrong. It’s very strange that he often holds an axe and a firerope gun at the same time.

The shields of cavalry type units are sometimes misplaced.

The above content comes from the results of my personal repeated verification for a long time. Now it can be basically confirmed that the bugs and errors of the model are here. Again, I hope the production team can repair them as soon as possible.

Thank you for the summation @ahioz9426. There are changes in the works, but they likely won’t land in the next patch or two. But we have not forgotten…stay tuned!

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