AOE4 Needs Team Bonuses

Aoe 4 Needs Team Bonuses

If the latest patch shows anything it’s that the devs care about both the competitive and more casual player base in the game. However trying to give both what they want can result in balance changes that don’t really make sense for one or the other (I’m looking at you China). Since a large portion of the casual player base plays team games, the game would benefit from an addition of team bonuses. This would allow the devs to independently balance for the competitive 1v1 crowd as well as the casual team game crowd, hopefully making more people happy with every balance patch.


I agree, it would be cool if the rus bounty bonuses or abbasid golden age bonus’s would apply to the team in some aspect. There would need to be something interesting for each civ

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Exactly what I’ve been thinking. Although in AoE2 team bonus also work in 1v1, maybe they can try something different in AoE4, idk.

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Rus + Delhi for training Streltsy Tower Elephant.