AoE4 now has prices showing

Check Pre-purchase Age of Empires IV on Steam for your region

For UK:
£49.99 Standard Edition
£69.99 Deluxe Edition

No mention of a physical copy anywhere yet.


aaand I preordered. Will get a phsysical collectors edition if one will be released

I would buy a physical collectors edition too, and know many other Age fans who would. They would miss out not to release one.


Massive price tag :joy_cat:

Time to empty the bank

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well its too much
i cant buy it

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The deluxe edition isn’t worth the cost in my opinion for what you get so I guess I’ll be picking up the standard edition.

Perhaps collector’s if they release one and if it’s good.

I think ‘Dawn of the Dukes’ expansion needs a price tag listed in Steam so we can make an informed decision on whether or not to pre-order AoE4. I see this note, but I have no idea if DotD will be $5, $10, $25, $50, or?

  • “Pre-order Age of Empires IV now and get the Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition “Dawn of the Dukes” expansion as a free bonus in August 2021*.”

The last DLC was £8. We can probably expect a similar price.

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Deluxe edition seems a bit overpriced for what it gives, most modern games are the same price as the base game so I think it’s relatively fair.

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Dawn of the Dukes is going to be $9.99

See here Age of Empires IV Pre-Order Standard Edition – Age of Empires


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@RadiatingBlade and or @moderators question on the pre order bonus - if we order does it give us the DLC In our steam account right away, or is that in the future?

in the future, the dlc is out in august I think. on the steam page there is also a link explaining how to get it :slight_smile:

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