AOE4 on Linux (POPos)

Hello all,
I am sorta new to Linux (using POP OS)
The majority of the games (AOE 3Def, AOE2, WOWarships, etc all run great with frame rates around 100. But when I run AOE4 the Frame rate is 10 and blurry… (when I run it on windows 11 with the same settings my frame rate is 125)
I know I can reduce the settings to get a higher frame rate but sacrificing detail.
I have tried forcing the GPU to use my Nvidia card in my laptop, and even tried different Distros all do the same thing, slow frame rates.
What is so different about AOE4 from AOE3 Def or World of Warships (which is a very big program)?

well thanks to the internet we found the problem and was able to fix this.
The DXVK must be indexed to the correct GPU. I was able to add my RTX3070 to the start command in steam.
This is my Config: you must know what the name of your card is in vulkaninfo

DXVK_FILTER_DEVICE_NAME=“NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU” %command%

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