Aoe4 on the way to Gold 2, Do Rams Need to be Nerfed?

the battering rams already scabbed more wood and did not favor aggressive play, which is what the game lacks


They are too tanky and too cheap, specially in late game. They are fine in feudal I think, but with upgrades one can just drop 10 while engaging and they will eat everything, doesn’t matter if the battle is won, because you will just lose the castle, your production buildings and all behind.

Also when they got into the backline they act as aggro, doing new troops spawned automatically get stucked in them if you select all troops and press A attack.

The change to units don’t using torchs against them has just massively powered them, since torchs had greater attack distance.

One option is to queue enough villagers to kill them, even springalds doesn’t kill them fast, and obviously he can build springalds too.

In conclusion they seem to be overpowered in imperial age.

I don’t know how to balance them, but 2 population per ram seems very little for me.


Thank you for commenting, I see you on the forums a lot you seem to have a lot of good ideas.

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Thank you for commenting and Reading the thread i’ve seen you comment before on my post and it is much appreciated. I do feel in late game they are a little crazy also.

No, please not- I just discovered in an 8v8 FFA game that the Rus battering rams with the right upgrades are one of my best combos with that Civ, and I don’t want to lose it with a nerf.

Each civ has its combos, let’s leave the battering rams alone.

The one that does need an improvement is the GEOMETRY technology, because since season 4, let’s be honest, it DOES NOTHING, it only increases the Trebushet’s attack by 10, and the normal attack, not the anti-building bonuses, unless someone finds proof of what contrary.

I had some screenshots, but lately I’ve taken a lot and I have to go to work tomorrow so I’ll post them later.


Thank you for the comment and 8v8 sounds crazy, can’t wait to see the pics.

Yes, absoflippinglutely. 8 out of 10 games are always RAM rushes. I have only been playing for few months now but ram rushes are fun killer in this game.

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thank you for your insight!

The problem with ram is that there is no upgrade for then, rams should be easier to take in early stage and with latter upgrades should be harder, with no upgrades balance can’t work since they will be strong early or useless for late game…

They have an attack speed upgrade, so they do kill buildings faster in late game.

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Buff Early Game Ram, nerf Late Game Ram.

I think Ram’s data are reasonable.

Because both cavalry and villagers can counter the Ram well.

As for late game in AOE4, large amounts of Ram destroy buildings, resulting in scarce stone resources. I think it’s a normal game mechanic.

We can clearly see the strong Keep defensive ability for 10 to 20 minutes (castle time). This is a direct result that Late game in AOE4 were boring when Ram was not available in Siege Workshop. The armies were on display waiting in awe, waiting for trebuchets to smash each other’s Keep. The pace can be much faster now, and the length of Single game time is very healthy.

From where I stand, Rus Ram is a little bit too powerful for me because of the special technology (Wandering Town) in IV landmark. But I noticed that dev has been tweaked in the PUP patch.

So I don’t think the Ram needs any major adjustment. Maybe we can raise the cost of Ram in Siege Worshop?

The core issue imo is that you are somewhat forced to build rams if you want to finish the game in feudal age. I have no idea why this seems to be no problem for the vast majority of AoE4 players. It’s such a lazy game design choice so that anyone who loves strategic theory crafting should hate the idea behind rams. Either enable more options to end the game in feudal age if there’s a considerable skill gap between the players or just agree on having not only dark but also feudal age as treaty mode.

As for late game rams: Are rams even a thing in late game? Trebs and even more so bombards make rams obsolete from castle age onwards.

I agree with this post. They seem still ok late game though.

I’ve been thinking for a while and I think that the automation shot of defensive buildings is a mistake, just as it was a mistake that he had the siege (in his time) as a priority in his shots.

You mean that there should be an ability that when clicked on should trigger defensive structures to shoot? Or do you mean an upgrade option costing some ressources for defensive buildings to do damage?

Perhaps I have not explained myself well because of my language. I wanted to say that, if I garrison the military units inside a ram and ungarrison them, TCs, keeps or outposts do not autotarget towards my units, but you do it manually.

Another function that the ram should have is to assign a key to instantly ungarrison units, just like the Ottoman siege.

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Little tip here,if u click on the units inside the ram and press f in what ever direction, the units get out and the ram just do what u told it to do.

The battering ram must be able to attack and units ungarrison without moving an inch. The Ottoman siege, with the upgrade (buff with 1 unit inside), has that key and it’s not the F that I know of.