AOE4 Overpriced Opinion

This is developed as a triple A game and resources are put in to this project accordingly to that so this make sense that it should have a triple A price as well.

Now whether or not you think that this game is up to those standards is up to you to decide with your wallet.

Regarding the regional price issue that’s more tricky because as far as I’m concerned Microsoft and Relic can’t control that from their side as it has to do with how the countries and how strong/weak their currencies are etc.

I might be wrong on that last part but feel free to correct me on that if that’s the case.

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The only thing directed at you was the regarding the general implication that it would be more expensive to you than to most other.
Perhaps you do forget, when making those comparisons, that living in general is a lot more costly in other countries, like Germany, too.

But I agree, we shouldn’t talk about basic economics and get too side tracked. Wether or not the quality is there, will never be a fact but will for ever and always be opinion based.

I completely agree with this sentiment.

I completely agree with this statement.

Wow I didn’t realize that Age of Empires had a community full of boomers who don’t understand how inflation works.

Video games are probably the cheapest hobby on the planet anyways. Everyone needs a computer today and even someone making minimum wage can buy a $60 video game every week unless they’re in really deep.

The main focus is actually not based on boomers but based on the students that are unemployed and are not able to afford a $100 AUD game, it is just way too overpriced here.

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I’m pretty sure you are forgetting about other countries during the covid 19 lockdown crisis, there are many civilians that had lost their jobs due to covid lockdown,

In Australia the most common reasonable price is 0-50 dollars not $100, you know what I’m saying?

That’s the fault of the Australian government which has wisely decided to extract tax money from a luxury good that no one needs to survive.
I would be more concerned about ensuring that the money your government is extracting from you is being used to fund public services like the military so China doesn’t invade and enslave you and hospitals so that you can get life saving medical treatment if you require it.

They could just as well be using your money to line their own pockets.

Plus when calculated in USD $100 AUD is only $70 and those 10 extra bucks were probably used to offeset the cost of mirroring everything for people living in the southern hemisphere.


So what you’re saying is that you completely agree with my opinion that $100 AUD game is overpriced :slight_smile:

From my point of view, not reducing the price further to the weaker economies (as much as “a luxury product”) will favor piracy in those countries.

The essence of the game is supposed to be accessible to most possible computers, that should also be better reflected in the price.

I only say this for economies where wages are lower. I think you can do a better ratio.

I don’t think it’s as much the general price- but how differently it costs in other countries. Why do I have to pay more for something than someone else in America would?

Most likely they feel proud to be Americans

So everyone here played at least one of the beta’s ?
Like 3 days or so ?
That would be what, like 20 hours of playing ?

That alone would already be worth 60€

If you go to the cinema 3 times, that is the money you have to spend on a game which entertains you for hundrets of hours. People need to stop asking for cheap or free stuff but instead value what they get for their money.

People go out and party and spend 60€ a night in a club, but for a game, they play hundrets of hours it is too much ? To me the price is totally fine, I want the publisher to make money with this game so they actually support it with tournaments, patches, dlc and so on


Oh no, I love the game and I pre-ordered at closed beta. I for sure will play it with it’s worth, I’m just frustrated with the regional price differences.

It was a Stress Test Beta. Did you read the disclaimer?

Sure I did, and having in mind the only thing they added from august to this test in september was showing how many resources a villager is carrying, do you actually think that in the month left until release they will add the other features and improve the present ones?

why? This disscussion and this topic is just old.

We had this disscussion like 4 months ago! And everybody stated their opinion about why they are buying the game and why not?

This topic is like the graphics topic , its just useless!

Aoe4 is a AAA , and 60 euros is the normal pricing for an AAA , i know that no game is worth 60 euros but jeez other games are about 60 euros and nothing happens !


We have no idea what is in other builds at this point. I am frustrated there isnt more communication about what is planned for launch but I think its also a bit unfair to be upset that fully customizable controls, full mod support, ability to rewind recorded games and reconnect werent in a beta and to assume they wont be there at launch b/c they werent in a stress test. We simply dont know what will be in the full game. I believe Mod Support was announced to be a 2022 release however.

This is actually a complex problem because with regional pricing (which is good for consumers), people abuse it by using VPNs (and the like) to benefit from the lowest regional pricing worldwide. Meanwhile, if a set price is enforced, a lot of players from all over the world lose out due to economical disparities in currency conversion, price of living, and so on.

Steam has actually been making changes here so that consumers aren’t unnecessarily punished for the abuse done by others. It might be that the publisher here (specifically, with Age IV) needs to set more variance across certain regions.