AOE4 - Profile picture reward from campaign doesn't appear

Hello fellow players, in AOE 4 you can unlock profile “pictures” by completing the solo-history-campaign mode. For example, if you complete Mongol’s campaign, you get Kublai Kan’s profile picture. The problem is, I completed it, and I didn’t get it, do some of you have the same problem? Can someone tell me the requirements?
It’s true that I wanted it so bad that I rushed it in “Very easy/History” mode, and not the medium, classic mode, which is the normal difficulty. Is this the reason why I haven’t got the reward?

Thanks for reading me and sorry for my bad english, I haven’t spoken in english in a long time.

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Hey @TompareCurt!

When you completed the campaign, did you receive the Achievement for completing the campaign (called “The Mongol Empire”)?

There is an unfortunate bug active where being disconnected from online services, or loading from a save, can cause Masteries and Achievements to not unlock as they should. It could be this.

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