AoE4 scenario editor

A couple things I hope the devs will include in the AoE4 scenario editor:

  • Some kind of item that villagers can pick up and move around (similar to relics). And include a variable for the item’s collection time (that is, how long villagers have to stand in place next to the item before they can pick it up). I can make a really cool custom game if there is a way to do this in AoE4.
  • An undo button (please!)
  • Visible map seed numbers

In AoM and AoE3 you can undo with Ctrl Z.

Sounds like a capture the flag

@SoullessHeathen Yeah it’d be nice if this was made available in AoE2 DE. I can’t imagine it’s that hard to implement.

Some other things I’d like to see in the new scenario editor are below. What would you guys like to see?

  • Display grid coordinates for current cursor location. This would make precise placement of things easier.
  • Easier to use sound effects. Give a tree list for files with a brief description of each available.
  • Better sorting options for Triggers. It’d be nice to make groups of them.

@DjBillE Sort of! It would be multiple flags but with some cool alterations it effectively acts as a whole new resource collection mechanic.

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Sounds cool i would be down to try it.

@DjBillE Great; I’m actually making this right now as a custom AoE2 game. It can work with relics in AoE2, it just takes a lot of triggers.

If you play AoE2 let me know and we can do a playtest!

That i do find me on steam death_wish_5. Ill be on later tonight. Im on est time

Really appreciate the offer but I’ll need a few days to finish the demo version. I’ll add you on Steam in the meantime; my username there is CADi_Master.


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Another thing I hope they include: Movable Locations with fixed names. It’d be nice to not have to redefine locations every time I want something to happen in the same place.

Also: Let us make non-square maps! A variety of aspect ratios could make for interesting ranked and custom games.

And add a Draw outcome instead of just Win / Lose. Could allow for things like stalemate.

Also include a big map that has a copy of all units / buildings / objects placed in it. It’s easier to choose which items to pick when you can see them instead of just their tiny portraits.

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