AOE4 should have a quickplay option that prevents you from getting in games with the English

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Oh great here is another topic on english.


Wow, the way you describe the English, it should have taken the French one year to get their land back, not a hundred and sixteen.


AOE4 should have a quickplay option that prevents you from getting in games with @PlantedMovie253

Memes aside however, you don’t reasonably think this would exist right?


What are you talking about? A lot of competitive players have chosen the British, the archer rush is pretty strong.

And who said that there are no other civilizations that are easy to learn?

These multiple topics about the English are already getting boring.


The 100 years war lasted so long because it was a conflict between two French groups the Normans and the Franks.

What are you even talking about dude? First of all this post is just silly. They’re obviously not going to implement this change.

Secondly, match making in COH2 had separate MMR for each faction. So if some one had inflated ELO for the Axis factions (which doesn’t happen except in your fantasy world) it would have no effect on their MMR/ELO for allied factions.


Hmm, yes,
quoted from @PlantedMovie253
“I made one or two posts voicing my concerns from a historian and game balance standpoint and I plan on making sure that I don’t have the English in my games based on their implementation in the stress test.”
He made 3, this makes 4.
We are the toxic ones though


How do you explain my win rate in COH2 jumping from 50% as the allies to 75% as the Nazis while getting put into the same lobby as people who used to be my teammates when I played allies?

the posts in this forum getting more ridiculous every time i have a look.


I don’t even think I have posted 4 threads on this website yet. There is this one and then the one where I mentioned that I pre-ordered the game.

Now I know you are a liar. You made this one, 3 more about English, plus the other one about Teuton civ. 5, opposed to you claiming you have only done 2.
You have made 4 about English(including this one)
The first one was about how you did not like the choice of English and it got taken down because it turned into a political argument, then a second one which suffered the same fate. Then a third one which claimed the Teutons are more relevant than the English, then this one


I said in the comments of a different post as a recommendation that I think the Teutons should replace the English since they could reuse many assets from the Holy Roman Empire which would cut down on development time. I also think they would also be more realistic and unique than the English historically and they were involved with the Mongols, Rus, Abbasids and HRE making them important in relation to these other nations.

I don’t think you could honestly argue that the English are more important that the Teutons. The Teutons are representing the largest ethnic group in Europe during the middle ages and really could be split into 4-5 distinct cultures while still maintaining uniqueness. This just goes to prove the point I made before about the poor implementation of the English. Since they aren’t unique enough to honestly justify a single culture.

As I said, your other topics got taken down because they went down the gutter, they won’t show up in that

Just because they have a large ethnic group doesn’t make them more relevant.


Don’t feed the trolls.


Your right. This thread it completely stupid and useless as others have said


That sure is convenient lol. It makes your claim unverifiable.

Can you name one unique aspect of the English during the middle ages?

The Teutonic Knights: Formed the only monastic order government in history. First European civilization to use gunpowder. Turned a series of swamps and forests into the bread basket of Europe and formed Prussia.

Bavarians: Created the Habsburg dynasty. Ruled massive swathes of Europe and colonial empires until WWI. Developed the most advanced plate armors, zweihander greatswords, fortress cities on the edge of the Christian world.

Swiss: Ended the dominance of the knight by using militia pikemen. invented modern banking and mercenaries. Personal bodyguards of the pope for 1,000 years.

Netherlanders: Massive trade empire all across Europe. Gotendag militias and impressive construction techniques like artificial islands and windmills.

Saxons: Fought off the Vikings for hundreds of years formed a number of super cities in Europe and conquered England before the Normans did. Also served as the greatest challenge to the Franks.

They can be verified by anyone who commented in those threads. Go ask Andy, he was the one that closed 2 of them

England in the Middle Ages - Wikipedia.
A rich artistic culture flourished under the Anglo-Saxons, producing epic poems such as Beowulf and sophisticated metalwork .
In the 8th and 9th centuries England faced fierce Viking attacks, and the fighting lasted for many decades, eventually establishing Wessex as the most powerful kingdom and promoting the growth of an English identity.
it can also be argued that by the 1060s England was a powerful, centralised state with a strong military and successful economy.
New technologies were introduced, and England produced some of the great medieval philosophers and natural scientists.
English kings in the 14th and 15th centuries laid claim to the French throne, resulting in the Hundred Years’ War.
These 10 Epic Medieval Battles Shaped the World's Borders and History
English are in 3 of those battles


Would like to clarify, I am in no way saying England is a medieval superpower and I would also say that you could argue that they don’t belong in the game with only 8 base civs. But the Teutons are in no way more relevant, plus, the English and French are iconic for the 100 years war and are some of the more recognizable names that would help sell the game. Teutons aren’t as famous unless you know your history


Not unique

Beowulf is Danish

So they should be represented by vikings? Since the vikings used longbows and conquered them.

Not unique.

You didn’t even link to a single example.

When they were mostly french.

Their forces at these battles would be represented by the Vikings or the French depending on the time period.