Aoe4 Specs

Does anyone know the new minimum and recommended specs for aoe4? Are the specs different on different platforms? (like Steam vs. W10 app) I’m sure you can make it playable for older PC’s. (bc the last original AOE game was released over 15 years ago)

I would like to know in advance so I can upgrade my Graphics to a GTX 1050 TI low-profile card bc I’m still running on older computers. (I do have W10 though, just Intel Graphics)

They haven’t been released yet

Yeah, I know. I thought someone might be able to leak them lol.

Adam isgreen said in a recent interview that they want potato PC be able to run it


Potato PC? Never heard that before, hahahahaha!


True. But the AoE DE games (at least AOE II & III DE), require a minimum of 2gb or higher. Plus, with the way too advanced and animated graphics, it gets me scared that something that may look terrible to some people, also might not even work with lower end systems. It would just also be nice to know if the specs are lower or higher than the DE Games.

I think it is reasonable to assume a highly scalable graphics approach here, which is the norm for more modern games, but especially important when you think about targeting the age community as a whole. Getting as many people interested as possible / a game for everyone, has come up several times in various design talk interviews, so its reasonable to assume the ‘game’ portion itself will be lightweight.

A potato PC can run any game so long as you design the game correctly where you can turn off the fluff, and when it comes down to it, most RTS’s are just objects moving or sitting on a flat plane (even when that plane is in 3D) Obviously that doesn’t negatively effect a better PC where you get a better graphical experience. turn on physics /textures/ more polygons / more frames in animations etc.


Minimum requirements: i9x-10th gen, RTX3090ti or AMD Radeon 5600XT, 1TB free space, 64GB ram, 100GB Broadband internet connection.

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Lol not even 25% of us will get or be getting a rtx 3090ti or can even afford one by the time this game rolls out.

He was just joking. And it’s less than that, I’d say 5% can’t get a PC like that, plus the biggest game size we have rn is Modern Warfare I believe at 231 GB (I may be wrong) but higher/lower either way. He is joking

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I’d be surprised if 500 series video card wouldn’t be able to run it.
2-3GB of VRAM if you don’t want it to be sluggish.

Processor performance doesn’t matter as much nowadays.

8GB of RAM for smooth gameplay.

And an SSD.

Yeah, these are the specs I’m planning to upgrade too. (Btw, it’s all in an optiplex 9020 sff system.)

Intel core i7-4770 @ 3.4ghz 4 cores (I can’t go 5th gen+ bc of the dell system)

16gb ddr3 @ 1600 mhz (I can’t go any higher mhz with this model)

Nvidia geforce gtx 1050ti low-profile card (I’m getting one lightly used to save cost)(4gb of video ram, so should be good for this game and other games too)

Idk what to do about ssd, cause the computer I’m looking at only has a 2tb hdd. I could probably add one to the mpcie slot for boot.

I will also need to upgrade the psu (currently 250w I think) so it can support the graphics card (like 450w).

Also gaming on two dell se2717h monitors at 1080p 60hz. Is that playable at 1080p with the listed specs?

I also want to configure 1 or 2 more pre-built dell desktops (by putting graphics cards and/or psus and ssds in them) while still staying within a reasonable price range for me. I like cheap, but effective too.

Btw you mean geforce gt 500 cards right? If I am right, I don’t think they have 2+ gb is gram.

This one shuld be able to run aoe4, but i don’t know if it will be posible to run on high details.

I would suggest to look if you could even upgrade the psu, many of this systems have a built in psu that you would need to cut out to get to replace with your own - and it may not even work becouse dell sometimes uses proprietary parts.

Gtx 500 series will probably not be able to run the game - it is so old! I m concernd even about gtx 700 series - it may not even work with them.

Dell uses sata for their drives, so any sata ssd will work. I suggest you find a good quality one, like the ones from samsung, but they are more expansive. Maybe try to get one with higher capacity.

The most used GPU on Steam is a GTX 1060 (RX 480 equivalent).
So you are likely save if you have a GPU that gets close to that performance.
Generally for a developer supporting older hardware is a trade off, they have to invest time and money to optimise it for that hardware and at some point it’s just not worth it.
It would be technically possible to make it run on 10 years old Intel HD graphics but is it worth it?

We only have to huge problem right now that GPUs are crazy overpriced. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to by a GPU right now, not even a used one. Unless they really don’t care about money.
I could sell my old RX 480 from 2017 for up to 2x MSRP on ebay. That’s crazy. That card was released nearly 5 years ago.

I know, right! I could probably sell my 1060 for more than the price of my pc.

Yes, I meant nVidia 500 series for bare minimum. My partner uses my old 560Ti which only has 1GB of memory and it chugs along with all games.
But you’d need something with at least double that to make the game reasonably playable. 1050 is a good choice. Either way get the cheapest option as currently all VGAs are overpriced.

You should really invest in an SSD, it makes a massive difference as opposed to running the OS, applications and games off hard drives. It doesn’t matter which brand you’re getting, buy something cheap and cheerful. I have several in my PC: Crucial, Sandisk, Samsung and Asenno :sweat_smile:
The Asenno is a Chinese brand, got it two years ago and it was dirt cheap, especially for 1TB of storage. Not as fast as the other ones when you benchmark it, but you won’t notice the difference (I don’t). Highly recommended. You can find these on Aliexpress.

Getting a power supply is the complete opposite, you need to get a branded one to get a steady output and safeguard your hardware. We’ve got two Corsairs, a 350W or 450W. Both more than 9 years old and still going strong :+1:

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4 GB is crappy, you need 8 GB at the least
Wait, didn’t see video. Nvm, 4 VRAM is pretty good actually. My bad, lol

Thanks for all of the recommendations from everyone.

What I think I’ll do is put a second psu and plug power from it just into a gpu. Unless the power source comes from the pcie slot itself. If that is the case, then yes, I would look into gtx 1060s bc they have more power options if I’m correct.

I don’t really care about being able to put it on high-res settings, I just want smooth 60fps with the ability to record the game at the same time. I also want to play other games (like forza 4, rocket league, minecraft, and the aoe de games) and do a decent video editing job, too.

I will try my best to get a sata ssd something like samsung evo or western digital, while trying to keep it under $75.

Also, which is better for buying aoe4, steam or ms store? (I have both btw) and is multiplayer cross compatible? (like one person plays on steam and the other plays ms store)

Steam. I have it via MS but that is only because steam blocked my credit card, steam/Gog are better for everything unless a game is only available through MS store

Agreed. Maybe MS for XBOX owners to centralize the games in 1 account.

I think a 1 Tb SSD is a good compromise between speed and storage. Made my computer with one 250 Gb SSD and one 2 Tb HDD, had to clean my SSD frequently due to low space and my HDD was never full.