Aoe4 suggestions


I have a few suggestions for Aoe4.

Rams disembarkment should be instant by pressing a button, actually the ram wants to move then disembark units which slows pace of play.

Heavy cavalry units should count for 2 pop, even 100 spearman’s can’t counter 100 heavy cavalry and it’s supposed to be the ultimate counter.

Buildings should have 50% of current health, it takes forever to take down buildings.
Archers should have an upgrade to be able to take down buildings, having 100 archers do strictly nothing to buildings currently.

Villagers should collect twice as fast as they do now, why you may ask ? We have players going up to 140 villagers currently… in other similar games like starcraft 2 , 3 full bases is 66 villagers and that’s plenty. We should aim for late game of 60/70 villagers instead of 120-140.

These are my suggestions for the moment.