AoE4 Tech Stress Survey Issue

I got mid-way thru the tech stress survey and saved my progress by clicking the survey button to do so, but I never got the email

I clicked the Contact Us link on the survey to write email, but it auto-made an email subject line of: “AoE IV July 2021 Beta Survey”… which is inaccurate.

Xbox Research Surveys replied saying the survey was over, so there was nothing they could do. That’s not true because this is a new survey and they were just going from the auto-created subject line

I told them that and havent heard back yet. I would like to finish the remaining 60% of my survey. Or of they cant find that, then just send me a new link and I will start over even tho I spent 20-30 mins on it already

Hi @Darkness01101, Try deleting your browser’s cache and cookies then click the link again.

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I think that will work. Will report back if it doesn’t. PS: I’ve confirmed the “Save and Continue” button doesn’t work. It doesn’t generate an email so you can resume the survey later.

I didnt even bother submitting this survey anymore, I know nothing will change anyway as proved by the last one, so didnt want to waste about 10 minutes writing detailed feedback. So yes, if it still doesnt work, dont feel bad, it makes little to no difference anyway.

@Darkness01101 Unfortunately it is now past the survey deadline, so there’s not much you can do at this point.