AoE4 to be unwrapped on either Gamescom or XO-London this year, Isgreen says

“I’m happy to tell you that we’re going to start talking about Age of Empires IV later this year. As you know, there are two major events right now – Gamescom and XO – that Microsoft always does stuff for. So one or the other, maybe? I can’t be specific, but suffice to say that we’ve got Gamescom coming up, and then XO later this year in London, so at the latest, you’ll hear more about Age of Empires IV by XO. I will say that later this year, we will start taking the wraps off both Age III and Age IV”


@IamDalv strikes again with latest news! Thanks for an update dude. I personally can’t wait to see AOE 3 DE. Those graphics are already giving me orgasm.


Are you going to build an harem from all those DE-s? :smirk:

lol…No. I was just joking, but I can’t wait to see aoe 3 de graphics. Back in the day I played aoe3 at e3, I was mind blown and that memory is still strong in me. Those were good days.


AOE 3 will be interesting to see for sure. I hope that they take whatever they’ll learn from that remake and apply it to a remake of AOM later on. I love the entire franchise but I’m a bit frustrated by the lack of EE love over the years. If they do indeed make a DE of AOM or a sequel or just support EE I have a feeling it won’t be until after AOE 4:s release.


I had a non-gamer friend over this week and showed him AOE 3. The music, the graphics, the voice overs, the sound effects. He was blown away by it and asked ‘is that a new game’? When I told him it was twelve years old he couldn’t believe it.


Age of Empires 3 graphics holds up suprisingly well. I think the effects would still be top notch today.