AOE4 Units Will Have Multiple Weapons...I am concerned

So apparently some or all units will have diferent weapons, and as cool as it looks, and the ammount of posibilities and diversity it adds to the gameplay…I am concerned

I am not a big fan of bringing pikemen against cavarly, knowing that they are good against them, only for the cavarly to switch from a standard weapon, to another weapon that could deal more damage or even COUNTER the pikemen, it’s like having all units be some sort of surprise unit that you have no idea what you’re expecting.

thoughts on this?

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Looks odd I was thinking than the switch of weapons only purpose was about showing than the cavalry lost the bonus strengh coming from the charge. Or they are automatically switching when they don’t have enough distance to make a charge but you clicked to attack ?


Pikemen counter cavalry because they can reach the man on top of the horse from afar. The rider switching to a sword would actually give him a bigger disadvantage against the pikeman.


They don’t do it by poking the horse?

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there is nothing to imply that you can switch cavalry weapons counter pike man, or anything similar. in all the clips we have seen so far lances/sword for horse units seem to be automatic, with lances being a charge/first attack mechanic rather than a manually togglable weapon with different bonuses.

ranged units having a melee attack means that they will require better micro and positioning, which is always a plus.

siege weapons do need to setup, and if their impact is high enough it will be a good trade off. only worry here is that there seems to be no ragdoll physics, and if they lack the ability to lock in their pack/unpacked modes.


They can do it either way. The horse has much more force that the Pikemen is gonna need to really brace himself. But if he does, the rider gets thrown, hard.


Maybe it works in a similar way to the musketeers that you can put them at melee or at a distance, or maybe it works like the Carolines or Ottoman Nizam soldiers who have a charging mode, or like the Swedish jacapelite that is melee and distance. Both situations have advantages and disadvantages for both the user and the rival. You also have to take into account the armor, which is the same regardless of the situation and will always be vulnerable, whether at a melee or at a distance.

Seems unnecessarily confusing

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it really does look confusing, and we still gotta see how it works

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I believe archers in AoE3 switch to swords for melee combat.

Yeah you right archers switch to swords for melee

AoE III feature + 1 trigger.

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