AoE4 Update: "Great progress being made... playing this game every single day"

This is the first time I’m seeing this particular update on AoE4 (at bottom part of article) -> Age of Empires 2020 in Review: with Shannon Loftis. Thought I’d share, in case there are others who missed it.

It’s maybe not much new info, per se… but it provides a brief snapshot of current state. Here’s a screenshot of it, for convenience:

The web page I found that pointed me to the above AoE article was this Wccftech page: "Age of Empires IV is in a Fully Playable State, Focus is Now on Balance and Polish. I think that title might over-state or spin Shannon Loftis’ words a bit, but I can kind of see how they arrived to that conclusion (i.e., it’s one way to read Shannon’s words). Do you think Shannon is saying the game is now in a polish (and debugging and balancing) state? I didn’t read Shannon’s words that way initially, but the Wccftech article has me wondering now.


Well, sadly this not provides anything about current state of the game. They just copied everything what they said in “Age of Empires IV: Behind the Scenes” ( you can find video on YT ). It is just marketing and everything what they wrote in 2020 Review it is just to make hype train don’t die.


Oh, that’s too bad. I guess it’s been so long since the ‘Behind the Scenes’ that I forgot if they already said all that. Really hope we get to see more glimpses and info soon. Thanks for the info


Will the insiders get a chance at this?

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its a completely new game im not sure if they gonna give it just like that

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At least the doubters know now, that Aoe4 is still existing and the next game of the Aoe franchise (not Mythology 2 / DE).
To me this looks like an announcement for the near future. CaptureAge is out, this message, Lords of the West release soon. “there’s also much more to come” is written in bold. This all increases hype. Imo there is no reason to be silent until summer or longer then.

But okay, I know Microsoft and their promises. You often can’t trust them, so I better expect nothing.

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AoE4 is only announced upcoming project and has already had years development so it makes sense that more about the game would be shown this year. Q4 release is possible by following game per year trend if new titles won’t appear to be worked on

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Yes, also expect more in the next months, but a Q4 2021 release seems very optimistic after all. For me the earliest possible release date.