AoE4 will no longer launch

I was able to launch AoE4 and play with my friends on launch day and the following week. However now, every time I click on the play button it gets ready to launch, then just doesn’t launch.

I know that my laptop barely clears the min requirements, but what i dont understand is that, like I said, i was able to launch the game and play with friends, and now it doesn’t want to launch.

I’ve tried updating my drivers, forcing my nvida card to run AoE4 via the nvida panel, uninstalling and reinstalling, verify files…I’m at a loss on what to try next.

Does anyone have any suggestions and/or have had this issue?

Again, let me stress, I was able to play this game around launch, now it no longer launches.
RTX 3050 Ti

This really should have been as a bug report, or possibly under ask for help.

thx, will move there

Okay. It’s mostly that devs seem most likely to read/respond to bug reports, and other people are most likely to try and give support if you put it in ask for help.